Tools: How I Use Google Hangouts

I work with clients located all over the world. I use Google Hangouts to create a sense of connection you cannot get from a conference call. Google Hangouts is not a perfect substitute for face-to-face meetings. However, it helps provide the visual cues we need while communicating. At the beginning of every meeting, each person… Continue reading Tools: How I Use Google Hangouts

Checklist for Understanding Project Context

This checklist is a summary of the initial business analysis in Understanding Project Context. This is an excellent tool to on-board new team members and consultants like myself. One way I can be useful to clients is by helping them to define a problem and explore the solution space for the right one. The right… Continue reading Checklist for Understanding Project Context

Luminoso Compass and Frictionless Design

Luminoso announces the launch of COMPASS, their next generation enterprise feedback solution! Luminoso Compass enables you to consume, interpret, and act on large-scale feedback in real time – across multiple languages. It captures new themes in conversation, extracts actionable insights, unearths the root causes and illuminates the driving themes and topics.  In addition, Luminoso Compass removes spam, irrelevant… Continue reading Luminoso Compass and Frictionless Design

Frictionless Update: 2014 Lessons Learned

2014 was a busy year of change and lessons learned. I consulted with companies new and established, joined a start-up full time, and even contracted on projects. These experiences taught me more about the value I provide to clients, and the work I find most satisfying. As I met with potential clients and discussed their… Continue reading Frictionless Update: 2014 Lessons Learned

Frictionless Clients: 2014

Clients A year well spent. I worked with clients in a wide variety of industries and developed a successful working relationship with the best UI developer I know, Doug Ross. My initial collaboration with his consultancy, OnVelocity, was for an education company seeking to develop software for standardized testing. Together we designed and developed an… Continue reading Frictionless Clients: 2014