Analysis: Day-in-the-life

The day-in-the-life walk-through of a persona provides documentation and context of the users’ work throughout the day. The day-in-the-life walk-through focuses on the user, independent of your company’s particular interest, from the time they wake up in the morning until they go to bed. The walk-through is at high-level, “5000 feet”, and shows the typical… Continue reading Analysis: Day-in-the-life

Checklist for Understanding Project Context

This checklist is a summary of the initial business analysis in Understanding Project Context. This is an excellent tool to on-board new team members and consultants like myself. One way I can be useful to clients is by helping them to define a problem and explore the solution space for the right one. The right… Continue reading Checklist for Understanding Project Context

Making things Less Complicated

Marc Rettig made a good presentation. It is interesting though, I appreciate the presentation more for the intimacy he created in a crowd of 500 then for the content. I will share some of the content nuggets then move on to the intimate moments ;> How do you design to make things less complicated? We… Continue reading Making things Less Complicated