Tools: How I use Google Drive

I use Google Drive to provide access to documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. It is a quick and free way for me to share easily, yet limit the access to a selected group of people. Google Drive provides the ability to organize and store documents that I want to share and collaborate on. This is how I set… Continue reading Tools: How I use Google Drive

Analysis: Competitive Analysis

As part of the overall competitive analysis, my clients ask me to compare the competitors’ products and services to their own. An organization typically has a list of competitive issues encountered during the sales process. In addition, there may be marketing and product checklists of feature by feature comparisons. Due to companies using design as a differentiator, clients are now seeking a… Continue reading Analysis: Competitive Analysis

Frictionless Update: 2014 Lessons Learned

2014 was a busy year of change and lessons learned. I consulted with companies new and established, joined a start-up full time, and even contracted on projects. These experiences taught me more about the value I provide to clients, and the work I find most satisfying. As I met with potential clients and discussed their… Continue reading Frictionless Update: 2014 Lessons Learned