Analysis: Competitive Analysis

As part of the overall competitive analysis, my clients ask me to compare the competitors’ products and services to their own. An organization typically has a list of competitive issues encountered during the sales process. In addition, there may be marketing and product checklists of feature by feature comparisons. Due to companies using design as a differentiator, clients are now seeking a… Continue reading Analysis: Competitive Analysis

Analysis: Interactions

Interactions analysis is used to understand the strengths and constraints of your technology to meet the needs of the user to accomplish their work. I have worked for several companies that had old technologies and wanted to modernize. The question we considered; in moving from a native Windows application to a web-based trading application, what would the user gain or… Continue reading Analysis: Interactions

Analysis: Personas

Personas are developed from data collected about targeted users. The patterns that emerge from your research create the user archetype- the persona. Creating personas serves several purposes. Personas help remove the tendency of the team to make assumptions about the user or see themselves as the user. Personas also provide team members an accurate short cut to reference a group of users. Personas are also… Continue reading Analysis: Personas

Analysis: The intersection of business and users

Where the business and users intersect, we find the business processes, the “workflows” of your customers. Optimizing workflows yields improvements to their business processes, resulting in efficiency and the benefits that may come along with that such as improved customer service, faster turnarounds, and higher quality work. Independent of the technology, analysis of the workflows of the users… Continue reading Analysis: The intersection of business and users