Analysis: Workflow Analysis

The Workflow Analysis is a tool to document and enumerate the workflows around products and services of the company that are touched by end-users. The workflow analysis follows key workflows through the organization’s products and services entering, crossing boundaries, and exiting upon conclusion of the work. The workflows may occur across personas, departments, and organizations.… Continue reading Analysis: Workflow Analysis

Analysis: Customer Experience Analysis

A Customer Experience Analysis is a heuristic or expert analysis of the utility and usability of an application. Using key tasks and the profiles of the targeted users, the analysis walks you through how this user encounters the application. We need a few things to get started with this analysis: Identify the key tasks and primary users for each task Provide… Continue reading Analysis: Customer Experience Analysis

Analysis: The intersection of business and users

Where the business and users intersect, we find the business processes, the “workflows” of your customers. Optimizing workflows yields improvements to their business processes, resulting in efficiency and the benefits that may come along with that such as improved customer service, faster turnarounds, and higher quality work. Independent of the technology, analysis of the workflows of the users… Continue reading Analysis: The intersection of business and users