2014 was a busy year of change and lessons learned. I consulted with companies new and established, joined a start-up full time, and even contracted on projects. These experiences taught me more about the value I provide to clients, and the work I find most satisfying.

As I met with potential clients and discussed their projects, my understanding of my value sharpened in my mind. The value I offer clients is that I can dramatically improve their ability to deliver products on time and ensure customer acceptance. I do this through a number of process and design strategies, honed over years of experience.

I am occasionally presented intriguing projects, offered on a contract basis. Even when organizations would benefit from me in a consulting role, if they want a contractor, that is the mindset with which they approach their design needs. Contractors are often plugged in to perform tasks at the will of the employer. These tasks may or may not have any value on process and product delivery, but contractors have no influence to change that. I am sticking with consulting.

It was a year in which I discovered much about myself, the industry, and where I want to take frictionless design in the coming year. You can read more about my recent projects in Client Stories.

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