Analysis: Workflow Analysis

The Workflow Analysis is a tool to document and enumerate the workflows around products and services of the company that are touched by end-users. The workflow analysis follows key workflows through the organization’s products and services entering, crossing boundaries, and exiting upon conclusion of the work. The workflows may occur across personas, departments, and organizations.… Continue reading Analysis: Workflow Analysis

Luminoso Compass and Frictionless Design

Luminoso announces the launch of COMPASS, their next generation enterprise feedback solution! Luminoso Compass enables you to consume, interpret, and act on large-scale feedback in real time – across multiple languages. It captures new themes in conversation, extracts actionable insights, unearths the root causes and illuminates the driving themes and topics.  In addition, Luminoso Compass removes spam, irrelevant… Continue reading Luminoso Compass and Frictionless Design

Have kids design their own solutions to problems

I have to admit that I found this article to be quite grating as a blatant free advertisement for frog design. They are a fantastic design firm but Fast Company is so enamored with them that they post an article that is an infomercial. I guess it is a good thing that it was posted… Continue reading Have kids design their own solutions to problems