Frictionless Clients: 2014


A year well spent. I worked with clients in a wide variety of industries and developed a successful working relationship with the best UI developer I know, Doug Ross. My initial collaboration with his consultancy, OnVelocity, was for an education company seeking to develop software for standardized testing. Together we designed and developed an assessment tool for high school math teachers to give students as practice for Common Core testing following SBAC and PARCC standards.

Following my work in the educational space, I worked on projects in Foreign Exchange Trading, Real-time Analytics, and Document Storage.

  • Foreign Exchange Trading. Ty Danco of Buyside FX invited me to work on a proposal to provide a currency trading system for a large international bank. After winning the proposal, I joined for BuysideFX for a few months. Unfortunately, a large American bank got involved and banking politics took over. In the end, the international bank was forced to work with another company and BuysideFX closed its doors.
  • Real-time Text Analytics: A former client was working at a new company and needed me, together with OnVelocity, to design and develop the UI for a new product. The product monitors unstructured text from sites such as Twitter and uses simple keywords to filter and categorize tweets into topics that can be saved and monitored over time.
  • Document Storage: I accepted a contract position to work with executives in financial services to create a dashboard to help execs manage their data so their company could remain in compliance. Within days of my arrival department’s strategy changed, so my contracting career was shorter than intended. In the meantime, I learned how to create dashboards in Tibco Spotfire.

My family and I ended the year in style. We went to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and enjoyed the sun for a week.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

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