Analysis: Day-in-the-life

The day-in-the-life walk-through of a persona provides documentation and context of the users’ work throughout the day. The day-in-the-life walk-through focuses on the user, independent of your company’s particular interest, from the time they wake up in the morning until they go to bed. The walk-through is at high-level, “5000 feet”, and shows the typical… Continue reading Analysis: Day-in-the-life

Analysis: Personas

Personas are developed from data collected about targeted users. The patterns that emerge from your research create the user archetype- the persona. Creating personas serves several purposes. Personas help remove the tendency of the team to make assumptions about the user or see themselves as the user. Personas also provide team members an accurate short cut to reference a group of users. Personas are also… Continue reading Analysis: Personas

Analysis: Customer Experience Analysis

A Customer Experience Analysis is a heuristic or expert analysis of the utility and usability of an application. Using key tasks and the profiles of the targeted users, the analysis walks you through how this user encounters the application. We need a few things to get started with this analysis: Identify the key tasks and primary users for each task Provide… Continue reading Analysis: Customer Experience Analysis