Tools: Suggestion Funnel

Ideas and suggestions are cheap. Everyone seems to have a suggestion for what you should do next. Considering these ideas require your time and effort. Of course, the last idea deliverer wants their suggestion on the top of the list. What should you do? Do you allow the squeakiest, most energetic, loudest or highest paid person… Continue reading Tools: Suggestion Funnel

Tools: PowerPoint Click-through

I work with complicated applications. Most of the screens have many moving parts. Describing the interactions and the flows to product owners and customers can be challenging. I use Microsoft’s PowerPoint to create a modern-day flip book. Remember back to English class and doodling an animation in the bottom corner of the novel you were… Continue reading Tools: PowerPoint Click-through

Tools: How I Use Google Hangouts

I work with clients located all over the world. I use Google Hangouts to create a sense of connection you cannot get from a conference call. Google Hangouts is not a perfect substitute for face-to-face meetings. However, it helps provide the visual cues we need while communicating. At the beginning of every meeting, each person… Continue reading Tools: How I Use Google Hangouts

Tools: How I use Google Drive

I use Google Drive to provide access to documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. It is a quick and free way for me to share easily, yet limit the access to a selected group of people. Google Drive provides the ability to organize and store documents that I want to share and collaborate on. This is how I set… Continue reading Tools: How I use Google Drive