Interaction Design Foundations

Now that David Malouf works for a art school every problem look like a “art” problem? In art school you need to master the primitives. There are 6 elements: line plane volume value texture color David asks if there are similar primitives to interaction design? Here are his 5 elements: time abstraction metaphor negativity motion… Continue reading Interaction Design Foundations

Making things Less Complicated

Marc Rettig made a good presentation. It is interesting though, I appreciate the presentation more for the intimacy he created in a crowd of 500 then for the content. I will share some of the content nuggets then move on to the intimate moments ;> How do you design to make things less complicated? We… Continue reading Making things Less Complicated

Holistic Design Parti

How do we talk about design? Are there concepts in other design professions that are worth using in interaction design? LukeW introduces the design Parti from architecture school. LukeW read Matthew Fredrick’s 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School.  In the book Matthew introduces the concept of Parti and describes it as the central idea… Continue reading Holistic Design Parti

Behavior is our Medium

Fabricant on using design to influence the user. Robert starts by positing that interaction is not about computing technology. Technology is not medium … behavior is. This seems to ruffle some feathers in Vancouver. As noted by: John Kolko Robert Fabricant Robert went on to talk about how we can use design to influence behavior.… Continue reading Behavior is our Medium