Human Experience Design

Human Experience Design: Design Execution

• A human experience design leader that drives strategic innovation and relentlessly raises the solution potential.
• A player coach covering the entire strategic to production design process across market, customer, and user research; analysis and communication; solutioning and design; development and testing; release and customer acceptance
• A practitioner with many years of consulting and product delivery experience working for high end boutique consultancies, well established product companies and startups.
• A thought leader that ensures successful solutioning and delivery. Facilitating and executing with executives and leaders to design and deliver client specific strategies. Designing solutions to exceed customer expectations and business objectives. Embedding a mindset and a behavior of assessing and learning. Instantiating feedback loops to adjust and succeed.
• A designer that excels in the fuzzy and chaotic areas that require the synthesis of information into a clear vision. Getting teams of people to create exceptional design solutions by understanding the context of the customer’s experience, business expectations, limits of technology, time, and resources.
• Champion and cultivate a culture of user-centered design through every touchpoint in the customer journey. Drive collaboration across the company to build alignment on the optimal experience of customers and users. Facilitate design thinking, ideation, and solutioning to exceed customers’ expectations.
• Ensure the customer experience at the essences of the product vision and roadmap. Simplify gnarly problems by reducing constraints.
• Align product management and stakeholders to human-centered solutions. Partner with product management, engineering, business stakeholders, and customers to deliver high quality experiences. Foster collaborative relationships with Engineering, Product, and Marketing to deliver a unified brand message for customers.
• Lead designers, UI developers, and writers and provide best practices and tools around design techniques and patterns. Build a team to leverage design capabilities throughout the delivery process. Act as player/ coach who get hands on in creating and designing key flows and interactions.
• Measure and deliver value through quality experiences that achieve key metrics and outcomes. Rank order prioritized work to deliver the most valuable items first.
• Incorporate design in the quality and acceptance criteria. In addition, include user testing in each iteration.

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