Understanding Project Context: What is the software development process?

Before we start the project in earnest, we need to examine the client’s product development process. In many projects, I work closely with the development/technical teams.

development process

Understanding how the development process functions is key to working effectively in the organization and influencing the direction of the implemented solution.

  • What process does development follow?
  • Is the process documented?
  • What is the team manager responsible for?
  • How are the teams built?
  • How are the teams measured?
  • How do they see their role in the organization?
  • How much do the technical people understand about the business and users of the target clients?
  • How much control do they have over the design process?

Getting buy-in from the development team requires an understanding of how they work. Many organizations may appear to have similar processes on the front lines, but in practice can vary significantly. With this information in hand, we begin to formulate how the new project will be embedded into the existing process or if some processes may need to change.

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