iPhone is a bad example

How many times am I asked to just design it like the iPhone? How big is the iPhone? 3X2 inches? I think my problem is slightly different (sarcasm).


Picture found on HarveyW’s flickr account

I have to design an application that can cover an area of 6X4 feet. The users of my application like 3, 4,6, or 8 monitors. The challenges of the big and the small may have many similarities but in this case the size difference is significant in the interaction design.

  1. How do you easily manage 6 monitors full of applications? Do you use the Windows toolbar? Do you have a special app?
  2. How do you move from the bottom left to the top left with your mouse? Picture yourself wacking the mouse on the desk over and over again until he reaches the other side. How about your keyboard? Alt-tab?
  3. How do you get the users attention as something new comes in? How many applications is he paying attention to? How many are seeking his attention?
  4. With so many distractions, so much noise, and so many applications how does the person make effective decisions? Do more screens help? How many screens is optimal?

What do you think? Do you have it all solved? How am I going to make sure the best decision is being made with the quickest reaction time?

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