Now, let me tell you I am not a person that believes that you need to be honest 100% of the time. Sometimes you have to tell yourself what you want to hear to get through the day. However, after 17 years of working this is starting to drive me batty. Why is it that very smart people continue to do things in a way that they know is sub-optimal or just outright wrong.

How many times are companies going to pretend that you can fit the 10,000 features in the 6 mo release? It never happend before. No one hired more people. So let’s play a game of chicken. I will keep the list of 10,000 and will keep telling you that we will make it. If I just push harder on my developers they can do it. Because as we all know more is better. More is better, especially when it is rushed.

Which brings me to, what the heck is going on with bug systems? Why are they used as work management systems? Can you imagine building your house the way enterprise software companies handle bugs. You should stand back and say, dude you messed up this area can you fix it. But nope, we say, there is a splinter at the end of the hall, please sand it off. Oh yeah when you are done with that I will tell you others. At the end of the hall there is a nick on the corner can you patch it. After that I will let you know the paint did not cover so well at that end either. Piece by piece you tell him what is wrong and then wonder why it looks so odd when he is done. Didn’t I tell you all of the issues?

Can we be a lot more intellectually honest and fix the things that are broke?