You have prided yourself in delivering quality products and services. That is what you are known for. Over the years there has never been anyone quite like you.

But today the little upstarts are passing you by.

Why don’t you do something about it? Oh you are! Then let’s see it. Why can’t you show us? Because it is not quite ready? Why? Because it is not up to our standards.

Hmmm! This introduces great risks into your process. By the time you will ever know if something is good for your customers, time will have passed you by.

Here is a new metric for your company. Time to testable results, where smaller is best.

Every idea should be treated as a way to learn and a way to teach. Initial ideas are malformed but still should be tested like a small experiment. Get your results, learn, and adjust.

As you learn more your solution gets more sophisticated and you know more about your users. Then your tests can become more sophisticated so that you can approach the product that you can deliver.

The end result is the product is of a higher quality, people want it and you can deliver faster.