1% Everyday – Working Ergonomics

Ergonomics focuses on the human centric design of the physical space … think cars, planes, machines, and your desk at home.

In the past couple of years many of us have developed some bad habits.

Watch this video to get some tips and reminders of how to set up your laptop, computer, chair, and desk.

Remember the last tip … the best workspace allows you to adjust frequently and … just get up and walk around.

Ergonomics Expert Explains How to Set Up Your Desk

Consider the following:

  • Your body has an awesome ability to recover … if you have been in the same position and doing the same thing for a while adjust.
    • Shift in your seat… forward and backward
    • Switch the mouse to the other hand
    • Walk around
    • Do a deep squat and hold for 30 sec – this will help with hip and lower back pain:

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