Why frictionless design?

After 20+ years of designing enterprise software, I saw a better way to approach the role of product design in organizations. Develop, test, rebuild is a slow process which seldom leads to optimal design. The strategic role of design requires a step back with thoughtful analysis of the business, the users, and the product. By integrating design expertise into the product visioning, strategy and engineering, I work with both product management and engineering to ensure we pursue the right product design to meet customer needs.

In addition, my experience has shown that even in complex and multi-product companies, research, analysis and design of the product strategy is cyclical. The vision behind frictionless design is to offer in-cycle, exceptional design talent. This dynamic relationship provides clients with dedicated expertise and experience for critical projects, and ongoing support and follow up with projects as needed.

Ultimately my goal is to guide each client to design the optimal solution to make the user experience frictionless.

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