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Practice Director, Digital Business Transformations

Apex Systems 

Sep 2020 – Present Employment

  • Solution expert for Digital Business Transformation for sales documentation and sales calls
  • Liaison to the Digital Business Transformation and User Experience Design solution groups for intellectual property and knowledge content
  • Led team to create transformation Leadership Training sales solution decks, one-page summary, training material, voice overs to explain the material, and branding
  • Led team to create the self-assessment material to help organizations understand the team maturity, cohesion and independence
  • Internal leader and facilitator of the migration of LeapFrog Systems to Apex Systems tools and communication

Digital Business Transformation Player/Coach/Consultant


Feb 2020 – Dec 2020

— An Apex Systems formerly LeapFrog Systems Project —

Digital Business Transformation Coach and Client Engagement Lead

  • Led client executives, leaders, and a team of consultants to design and execute an organizational alignment, operational improvements, agile mindset changes, leadership pivot, and delivery team level engagement
  • Coached executives, transformation leaders, and delivery team members in the infrastructure business unit
  • Created workshop and trained over 200 people in 6 weeks on the topics of Agile Mindset, Agile methodologies (Scrumban, Kanban, Scrum), Written Team Agreements (Working agreements, Definition of Ready, Definition of Done), essential practices (Daily Stand ups and Retrospectives), and the roles of product owners and scrum masters
  • Encouraged and led leadership pivot including Leadership Training to shift from control to collaboration and cultivation
  • Created and facilitated an executive transformation team and core transformation teams to execute on the transformation strategy and tactics respectively
  • Created and delivered multiple agile trainings to teach people to do the Equify way: foundations, methodologies, product owner tools and techniques, and scrum master approach

Senior Vice President, Digital Business Transformations

LeapFrog Systems 

Sep 2016 – Sep 2020

LeapFrog Systems delivers enterprise digital transformation projects with elite teams of trusted player/coaches.

  • We work with executives and their organizations to embed design and design thinking into their processes
  • We help highly technical, successful organizations to become more agile and more capable of meeting customer needs and exceeding their expectations
  • By assessing their current agility and ability to deliver we are able to baseline their enterprise and provide metrics to improve
  • For some organizations they have been working with design teams in their organization and others are more distributed, we help drive the organization to the next level of organizational obsession of their customer

LeapFrog Systems is an elite technical consulting firm based in Boston with additional offices in Dallas, Denver and Raleigh. The firm has earned a reputation for making challenging projects successful by providing expert consulting teams that partner with clients to deliver results. Our innovative consulting services extend way beyond staffing. We compile the critical background information, brightest ideas and required expertise to take projects from strategy to execution. With almost 20 years of experience, we provide customized consulting services delivering advanced technology to market leaders. Areas of expertise include Project and Program Management, Agile Assessments and Transformation, Design Thinking, User Experience Design, Analysis, Quality Engineering and Development.

Player/Coach Agile and Enterprise Transformation

Embrace Home Loans

Nov 2019 – Feb 2020

— A LeapFrog Systems project —

Digital Business Transformation Coach and Client Engagement Lead

  • Coached executives, transformation leaders and delivery team members to apply agile approaches and scaling models to their transformation
  • Coached product owner with adapting new techniques to facilitate product teams and executives to improve execution
  • Led design thinking workshop with multiple teams and 12 individuals around the new employee onboarding processes

Player/Coach Enterprise Digital Transformation

Massachusetts Medical Society

Jul 2019 – Nov 2019

— A LeapFrog Systems project —

Digital Business Transformation Coach and Client Engagement Lead

  • Led client leaders to design and execute an organizational alignment, operational improvements, and delivery team level engagement
  • Coached transformation leaders and delivery team members in the publishing business unit
  • Created and delivered multiple agile trainings to teach people to do the MMS way: product owner and design thinking tools and techniques
  • Edited and Delivered MMS transformation approach and playbook

Player/Coach: User Experience, Product Designer and Manager


Feb 2017 – Jul 2019

— A LeapFrog Systems project —

Leading the effort to modernize a 15 year old overly generalized enterprise class billing software. Architecting a solution to move from current web-based Microsoft stack to a web Java stack.
Redesigning the existing Product Catalog and Customer Care applications to be touch-enabled and responsive across all devices from desktop, tablets and phones.
Work includes:

  • Customer and Stakeholder Research and Analysis, Systems Analysis, Business Analysis
  • Persona and Workflow Definitions
  • Overall Design Vision and UI Architecture
  • UX Design Process Definition
  • Management of Design Team across multiple vendors distributed across CA, MA, Ukraine and India
  • Prototyping in HTML/CSS using Bootstrap and Visual Designs
  • HTML5/ CSS3 developing
  • Instantiating and coding branding changes across the product line
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Usability Studies
  • Product Management Coaching
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Help/ documentation

Player/ Coach Digital Transformation

Putnam Investments

Sep 2016 – Dec 2016

— a LeapFrog Systems project —

  • Digital Transformation at Putnam Investments by enabling sales systems, empowering data science and establishing UX standards and best practices:
  • Sales Enablement and Onboarding Design: Created tools that enable and empower key roles/personas through the sales process to execute on the company’s strategies and leverage the digital transformation technology set.

Design Manager and User Experience Designer


Jul 2015 – Sep 2016

Metratech is now part of Ericsson

— a FrictionlessDesign project —
Managed external vendor design team.
Architected user interface architecture for enterprise class product and billing application.
Embedded user experience and product design into the development process.

  • Designed configurable and extendable end user online bill pay. Defined UI architecture to meet the needs to be responsive to multiple devices as well as scalable to any client needs (technology: HTML/CSS with angular).
  • Designed enterprise class SaaS billing system. Defined basic UI architecture and design widgets for a responsive, configurable web application.
  • Partnered with PMs and POs.
  • Working with Ericsson. Updated products to Ericsson visuals.
  • Managed consulting firm design team.
  • Interviewed customers. Documented personas and journey maps.
  • Designed demo for sales and marketing.
  • Introduced user experience research and design to the organization.

Principal/ Owner

frictionless design LLC

Apr 2013 – Sep 2016

frictionless design is a user experience design firm that works with companies to create the right product the first time, on time.

Information Analysis
• Designed a new product for real-time unstructured data analytics, enabling users to monitor 1000’s of customer conversations to make actionable insights

Educational Content
• Researched and designed assessment UI for secondary education

Industry Analyst company
• Coach on business strategy; website strategy and content presentation; design and implement website to present cross product analysis; design minimal visual language to enhance and focus on content

Financial software startup
• Marketing communications, sales content, proposal writing
• Product management, organizational alignment and execution

Lead UX Designer

Iron Mountain

Oct 2014 – Dec 2014

— a frictionless design project: —

Worked with product management to identify key information displays.
Designed executive dashboard in Tibco Spotfire.
Participated in usability studies and design updates.

Principal Consultant: User Experience and Product Design

Luminoso Technologies, Inc.

Aug 2014 – Oct 2014

— a frictionless design project —

Won new product design project.

  • Worked with product manager and executives to explore design opportunities, provide a design vision and coordinate with development team.
  • Designed a new product for real-time unstructured data analytics, enabling users to monitor 1000’s of customer conversations to make actionable insights.
  • Created HTML and CSS design components based on bootstrap
  • QA tested the user interface

Manager of Product Management and UX Design


Mar 2014 – Jun 2014

Simplified product management and product design.
Facilitated agile development teams for product delivery.
Managed and coordinated founder and stakeholder communication with the team.

  • Design exploration and vision for the writing of marketing, proposals and product ideas
  • Client engagement and demos
  • Team facilitation to help drive to quicker better decisions
  • Worked with CEO and CMO to decide on the best approach to demonstrate the product and underlying power of the business rules to offload repetitive work; sketched and designed multiple solutions to compare and identify the best path
  • Process alignment and scrum master for product, QA and engineering using Rally scrum and the Rallydev tool
  • Product management, Story writing, Rally instruction and process/project management
  • Research and analysis of process tools, communication infrastructure and report/dashboard OEM tools

User and Domain Researcher

Walch Education

Jan 2014 – Feb 2014

— a frictionless design project with OnVelocity —

Educational Content

• Researched and designed assessment UI for secondary education
• The design emulated SBAC and PARCC interaction and visual standards to provide students with a practice environment similar to the tests
• Created design using HTML/CSS based on Bootstrap



Sep 2013 – Nov 2013

— a frictionless consulting project —

Won multiple contracts.
Coached and facilitated negotiations between founders.
Provided out of the box visions for delivering a foreign exchange application.

A Foreign Exchange trading software company

  • exploring an agreed upon Marketing communications approach to complex parts of the product
  • working with the founders to negotiate a best path forward

Principal Consultant/ UX Designer/ Scrum leader


Apr 2013 – Aug 2013

— a frictionless design project —

Won contract to design the next generation massive storage management console.
Embedded design and led agile approach to new development.

Massive Enterprise Storage company

• Designed an enterprise storage system user interface to manage daily outages, additions and configurations.
• Worked with product manager to design the next generation application: explored the design space and select appropriate designs for the new product
• Designed a responsive system that would allow users to work across multiple monitors or on a small tablet using Bootstrap (HTML/CSS)
• Lead new product design teams and work to embed the design process into the development organization using the agile process; Introduced, taught and ran the UI scrum team
• Interview subject matter experts on the work to understand daily and less frequent tasks and business processes
• Explore visual design approaches to define the new look and feel for products; Created a new visual language
• Document and design persona workflows and incorporate them into the product designs (web and mobile devices)

Principal User Experience Designer

Charles River Development

Jun 2010 – Apr 2013

Responsible for transforming product teams to focus on user workflows instead of features.
Embedded design and user center approaches into development teams.
Successfully redesigned financial adviser web application to meet and exceed clients expectations. Delivered and implemented with no training and no increase to the help desk.

  • Led and built user experience team
  • Provided product owners and managers options to choose from to make better decisions
  • Illustrated main workflows for new products and redesigns
  • Simplified complicated workflows and feature sets
  • Validated and tested design options
  • Embedded the design process into the development organization
  • Led design for the Wealth Management, Unified Managed Accounts (UMA), EMS trading products and platform products

Principal User Interface Designer

ITG (Investment Technology Group)

Aug 2007 – Jun 2010

  • Led and built user experience team in the Boston office
  • Led design on the next generation trading application.
  • Designed the flexibility and speed necessary for institutional brokerages to work from one system for order management and execution management.
  • Allowed the system to be configured to meet any portfolio managers work flow and minimized the effort to get work done.
  • Designed a frictionless experience for traders and portfolio managers throughout the day.
  • Created displays of IOIs and advertised trades inline to help make trading decisions.
  • Automated trade tasks and provided algorithm UIs to trade programmatically while focusing on the difficult trades.

User Experience Product Manager

Application Security Inc

Jul 2006 – Aug 2007

  • Led the integration of the design process in the company
  • Rebranded individual products into a suite release
  • Managed the suite release of DbProtect
  • Created marketing materials for brochures and sales presentations
  • Defined the repackaging of the suite
  • Redesigned the wesite to meet the new suite requirements
  • Designed product interactions for new releases

Manager and Senior Interaction Designer


Feb 2001 – Jun 2006

  • Managed and integrated user experience team into the development teams
  • Led rebranding effort of the application suite
  • Identified requirements and assisted in UI architectural decisions
  • Provided vision for future product design initiatives
  • Created and maintained consistency of user experience across suite
  • Integrated design of purchased code into the suite for HR and Payroll
  • Led product and screen design on 40+ projects
  • User Tested application
  • Maintained and Updated Personas and Use Case development
  • Integrated design into an “agile” development methodology

Senior Interaction Designer


Aug 1999 – Feb 2001

  • Managed the production of the Customer Experience Analysis projects across internal and external, designers, analysts, and printing houses
  • Performed consulting services to review, critique and consult on Web architecture, interaction design and content development and delivery to leading online financial services and retail internet companies
  • Designed GomezPro.com as well as subsites to Gomez.com and other internal sales applications.

UI Designer

Symmetrix/ Nextera

Jun 1996 – Aug 1999

Led an 8-person analysis and design team to collaboratively create a new health benefit management system for a 6 million-member national health insurer
Led a 6-person analysis and design team to create a customer service system for a national home health care company

Human Factors Engineer

Charles River Analytics

May 1995 – Jun 1996

Performed knowledge elicitation tasks on military operations in the army. Designed an intelligent tutoring system for an unencumbered virtual reality system.

Volunteer experience

Board Member and Event Organizer

IxDA Boston

Sep 2013 – Present 

The Boston IxDA local group organizes workshops for people interested in interaction design. Our events gather together a vibrant community of professionals who design interactive systems, services and products of all kinds: web, desktop, enterprise, mobile, consumer electronics, digitally-enhanced environments, and more. Our programming is created by a passionate group of local leader volunteers and focuses on practicing what we preach. While our events cater to the interaction design community, all are welcome.

Food Drive Coordinator

Temple Shir Tikva

Sep 2009 – Present 

Poverty Alleviation

Every year members bring a couple thousand pounds of food. We collect, sort and box the food for 2 local food banks.

Here is an article in the Boston Globe:
Jews take seriously the mitzvah of feeding the poor

Business Mentor

Smarter in the City

Apr 2018 – Dec 2019 

Mentor around User Experience processes and approaches with https://www.thetechconnectioninc.com

Business Mentor


Feb 2013 – Feb 2018 

Boston is part of the Techstars global ecosystem that empowers entrepreneurs to bring new technologies to market wherever they choose to build their business.

Team Manager and Board Member

Destination Imagination

Jul 2012 – Jul 2015 

Students work on teams to solve challenges of their choice for a competition that occurs each Spring. Students do all the work. As manager of the team I give the children a safe environment to learn and explore. My job is to facilitate the process and guide the team to March regional and state competitions.

Board Member and Adult Education Chair

Temple Shir Tikva

Jun 2009 – Jun 2012 


Led the adult education committee and served on the board for Temple Shir Tikva
Identified, scheduled and marketed weekly and monthly adult education opportunities in religious, political and historical topics.


University of Massachusetts, Amherst

MS&BS Industrial Engineering/ Operations Research & Human Factors


 Institute of Industrial Engineers, Human Factors and Ergonomics Society

University of Wales, Swansea

Exchange Industrial Engineering