Design Operations

Design Operations: Exceeding customer expectations at speed

• Optimizing frictionless customer experiences across products and services that empower and delight customers
• Enhancing Team Excellence by improving skills and identifying growth paths, enabling T-shaped players in vertical teams, baking in best practices and automation, empowering team to deliver design and work with executives to explore solutions, and clearly delineating and delegating decision-making to the level that has the information.
• Scaling Design Operations by developing repeatable, scalable approaches to optimize work. Scaling focuses on the essentials of adding feedback loops, transparency, customer context, tools, and competence, creating advantages with decentralized teams by leveraging community of practice across the organization, and facilitating change at all levels across the organization and embedding design as a mindset and a way of working.
• Optimizing Processes by using metrics for timely decisions and delivering value, tweaking tools to be a frictionless part of work, creating a toolbox of reusable and extendable artifacts, embedding user context to optimize for the customer, and automating customer context to deliver teams on-time/all-the-time customer information.
• Nudging Organizational Change by creating a movement of engaged doers, accelerating getting on the “same page” with workshops and summits, streamlining meetings with facilitation to get things done, negotiating with empathy, communication, and quiet energy, and providing teams the information to enhance decision-making.
• Growing and aligning people with training, performance management beyond SMART, OKR alignment, and team-oriented outcome incentives.
• Accelerating technology enabled activities with appropriate design tools, applications, design systems, toolbox, and developer integration from product management through release engineering.