Design Leadership

Design Leadership: Enthusiasm, knowledge, vision, and respect

• A collaborator who excels at bringing eclectic groups of people together to understand the customer and business problems while designing solutions that exceed expectations. A relationship builder that actively develops cross-organizational partnerships, fosters trust, and aligns stakeholders.
• A facilitator who works with executives, product managers, designers, and developers to leverage the power of people with design thinking to optimize solutions.
• A designer who shapes customer, market, and technology context into a clear vision of the user experience (UX) and specifies the UX roadmap.
• A communicator at every level consistently engaging executives and inspiring team members.
• A cultivator around organizational and people management. Building by shifting control to the team, elevating competence with feedback loops and upskilling, boosting collaboration by creating vertical teams and stakeholder involvement, and supporting cultivation by highlighting team purpose, trust, and feedback.

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