UX design is the attempt by a business to craft how a customer encounters every touch point with the organization. User experience design should occur from beginning to end not just within some app.

User experience may start with the first encounter of the organization. How do they learn that your business exists?

Next the person may explore more about the company and what it does and who work for it. They start to do a little research.

Maybe they make the decision to do business so they call. A sales rep speaks with the person and they decide to work with your business.

At this point they are onboarded and begin using the company’s products and services. Some of these are done in person, some talking to a person, some use technology, some are old school and some are a combination of all of the above.

User experience is definitely not about a pretty user interface or some new sexy app.

User experience is about creating something for your customer that they will enjoy enough to share with others… To make remarkable.