Are you listening to their complaints? Perhaps you are doing questionnaires and interviews? How much do you believe what people say? If you are writing an article or a story, what people say it’s very important. What people say is less important if you are creating a solution for their problems?

I exercise a lot and save twice as much as I used to. So do you believe that is what I do or is it a good story that I tell myself… and you?

If you observe my daily activities you will observe that I am sitting for almost 10 hours or more and sleeping just as long. So I have less than 6 hours each day doing other things. There seems to be a half an hour available free time.

By observing me you will find out more about what I actually do and not just what I want you to think I do.

By observing your customers you will see all the things they do around your product or service that you never knew. There may be an opportunity in the adjacent activities. You will also see all of the work arounds that are done just to complete her job.