Even when I have a lot of experience working within a domain, it is crucial to get the business perspective from you, the client. Beyond your marketing materials and your website to what you really do.

your business

Understanding the direction and focus of your business will help frame the solutions we explore.

  • What business are you in? Tell me about your products, the market, your competitors.
  • Where does the problem we are trying to address fit into the overall business?
  • What is the focus of the work we will be doing as it relates to the business?

After this conversation, I have you turn me to more resources to read. The better I understand your business, the more directed we will be when exploring the solution space. The questions won’t end here. Sometimes the questions will be hard to answer and will bump up against long held assumptions. A clear understanding of the business you’re in, and how this project fits into your overall goals in the marketplace, will contribute to making the right design choices for your business.

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