Need 10,000 Interaction Designers

Spool MCs Panel

Is Jared Spool funny? Well he tried to be. He also tried to keep this panel interesting.

Jared posed to the crowd that the need for interaction designers is going to increase dramatically over the next few years. Several high powered CEOs like at Ebay, Apple and P&G have banked their strategies on design. They have found great rewards so others will follow. Jared estimates around 10,000 new designers will be needed if all the fortune 2000 decide to adapt similar strategies. That is a lot of designers.

Where are they going to come from?

Matthew Holloway from SAP, Josh Seiden from LiquidNet, Andrei Herasimchuk from Involution Studios, Liz Danzio from School of Visual Arts in NYC, Jeremy Yuille from RMIT University in Australia, and John Kolko from Frog Design were on the panel.

These design programs put out 10-50 designers a year. We would need 500 schools to meet this demand. Where do we get all of these designers? Overseas? Mentoring? Software developers? Graphic artists? Architects?

Where do you think they will come from?

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