22 05, 2019

IxDA Boston event June 13th. The energy is back. People are psyched. Do not miss out. Featuring health centered design talk.

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21 05, 2019

My job… Embedding customer obsession

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The firm I work for, LeapFrog Systems, enables organizations to execute. We have teams that are embedded within customer organizations delivering at the product and executive levels.

My expertise is getting organizations to embed design into their way of working. How do you get an organization to change to adapt to a more external driven process?

How in this case do I get teams of people across different clients to obsess over their client? How do we turn this obsession about our clients into opportunities for us to meet their needs?

Amazon has a distributed model that expects teams to know their customer. They expect that their planning incorporates the customer. Then they expect the organization to make their plans from the teams who know their customer.

This resonates with me and I am go to explore this idea more within our firm.

If you have a better idea or have been practicing something that I can learn from, please share.

19 05, 2019

First big mistake when starting a new project… Lack of understanding and context

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Many people want to start a new company or a new project because they have the next best idea, the next best technology, or a burning issue for themselves.

What every entrepreneur and intrapreneur needs is an understanding of the paying customer. They need to understand the context of their problems. With this context they can solve the thorniest of problems.

See this Forbes article: Five Mistakes Intrapreneurs Make When Trying To Change Their Companies

16 05, 2019

Endurance … A commitment to keep going

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It is hard to keep the drum beat going. Sometimes the analogy is the drip drip of water. At least with water the drip drip is persistent because the source is still on.

I am trying to use writing as a practice for endurance. It is a practice I am using to force myself to learn a little bit everyday.

This week while counting the omer the focus is on endurance. Add a little endurance to your activities and you will benefit… Drip drip.

15 05, 2019

I learned something today. Earthworms are not native to New England.

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Earthworms in New England are from Europe and Asia. Hmmm…
Earthworms invade New England

That was surprising to me. Not that earthworms come from other places but that I did not know.

14 05, 2019

Time bank, Local traded exchange, Volunteer hours, Barter coins all recorded on block chain. What do you use?

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I am curious about the tools to run a block chain barter economy.

It needs to be natural.

Barrier to entry has to be so low it’s almost non existent.

It has to be overly convenient.

It requires freaky simplicity.

Have you used any?

13 05, 2019

Compassion in endurance

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Endurance is that drive that keeps you going. It’s grit. It helps you in the long haul.

Success requires endurance. It requires hustle and persistence.

However we need to be careful and not run others over with our persistence. We need to be aware of others and their needs.

Our endurance need to be compassionate. Compassionate to others and to ourselves.

Inspired by the Meaningful Life Center

9 05, 2019

What should user experience design be?

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UX design is the attempt by a business to craft how a customer encounters every touch point with the organization. User experience design should occur from beginning to end not just within some app.

User experience may start with the first encounter of the organization. How do they learn that your business exists?

Next the person may explore more about the company and what it does and who work for it. They start to do a little research.

Maybe they make the decision to do business so they call. A sales rep speaks with the person and they decide to work with your business.

At this point they are onboarded and begin using the company’s products and services. Some of these are done in person, some talking to a person, some use technology, some are old school and some are a combination of all of the above.

User experience is definitely not about a pretty user interface or some new sexy app.

User experience is about creating something for your customer that they will enjoy enough to share with others… To make remarkable.

8 05, 2019

Tom Peters: the ideal 25-person product development team is: 15 WOMEN. 10 MEN. 10 AGE 50 PLUS.

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“If you pay attention to demographics and purchasing power…”

If people paid attention product teams would do many things different. Most of the time it is simpler to hire people who are:

  • In your own image
  • In the Jones’ image
  • Available
  • Cheap
  • In the know

Maybe we should hire because:

  • They demonstrate customer empathy
  • They are familiar with the customer segment
  • They bring diversity of thought
5 05, 2019

Designing choice matters: triple your sales by adding one more choice

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Dan Ariely is a professor and a fabulous writer about behavioral economics. Multiple times he has written about an MIT study that demonstrates the psychology of the architecture of choice.

I will tell the story in reverse. When selling the famous Economist they set up some experiments.

When selling a web version only for $59 and a web & print version for $125, 68% of the people bought the web version.

By adding a print only version for $125 also they were able to flip the purchases entirely to the web & print version … 84% of the people bought it.

That is almost a three fold increase in exactly the same offering “web & print for $125” just because they added another choice. That choice allows a mental comparison that increased the perceived value three fold.