Organizational design is essential for product delivery

Design is stuck in marketing. Architecture is hidden in development. Product management is also in product marketing or is nominally independent within engineering.

None of this works very well. The goals of engineering and marketing are very different from product. Sticking the product people, product managers, user experience designers and system architects, in the engineering or marketing does not set the organization up for the best solution.

Product should be it’s own organization. Product should be at the table between marketing and engineering. The tension and purpose is good for the organizativa.

Product managers should understand the users and technology as well as focus on the business and how to communicate what the business needs. System architects should understand the business and users as well as exploring the technical possibilities to deliver the solutions. The user experience designers need to understand the business and limitations of the technology as they explore the solutions that meet the users needs and desires.

Everything the product manager, system architect and user experience designer does is completely intertwined and should be done together. All three are needed to create the best products and services.

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