Once you log in, you have no freedom of speech. Social media is private, not government.

It is a strange balancing act that social media companies have played. They want to grow as fast as possible and get as much money as possible. They have hid behind protecting free speech on their platforms. The only free speech they are protecting is their own.

Social media companies can kick anyone off for any reason. So the fact that they allow trolls and racist lepers infest their platforms is by design or blatant disregard.

“websites have no legal requirement to protect your speech, and they can ban you for any reason and mostly without consequence” – Comparitech

So design a way for people to police their communities and to live the way they want. Let me exclude people who choose to use hate speech. Why do people who post online need to see the trolls and racist lepers? We should be able to form our own communities. Companies need to stop pretending that this openness they pretend to protect is for the betterment of society rather than for their numbers and bottom line.

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