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Sometimes it takes so long in an enterprise software company to see the fruits of your work. Here is one case for me. Portfolio+ is the white label of the product I worked on here for the first year. My job was to clean up the navigations and make the product usable. At a minimum the financial advisors should not have to use help or the call center.

“Among Portfolio+’s requirements were high performance and reliability, and the system had to be fairly intuitive, says Driscoll, adding that financial advisers may not have time to read a manual. “A lot of time and energy was spent making sure it’s intuitive and well supported,” he relates. According to Merrill’s Sabbia, who says adoption has been successful, as part of the functionality bucket requested by financial advisers, tax-sensitive strategies and usability were both emphasized.”

“Citing the system’s flexibility, speed and the ability to bundle trades, Jay Fields, a financial adviser with Merrill Lynch Wealth Management in Freehold, N.J., says Portfolio+ has helped boost his productivity. “This is really the best-in-class from all the products I’ve seen,” contends Fields, who joined Merrill last year after 18 years with Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. As a senior portfolio manager, Fields uses Portfolio+ every day for portfolio trading. “When I get my work up and running in the morning, I open this up in an Internet Explorer window. It’s one of the first or second things that I have in front of me, and it’s out there all day long,” he says. “There are less steps involved in having to get trades done.”

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