Migraines can render me useless in a dark room with ice on my eyes.

At first the lightening bolts appear in my eyes. Sections of my sight disappear which makes looking at my computer impossible. Then arrives the headaches and nausea.

To reduce the effects and duration I do the following:

  • 1000mg ibuprofen
  • 1000mg acetaminophen
  • Pinch the stress out of the shoulders on both sides
  • Ice packs under the eyes
  • Get in a relaxing position with my eyes closed

This reduces the 4-6 hour episode to 30 min-1 hr.

Now the worst part is the anticipation that the migraine is not going to be short and will take up a third of the day. I would like never to get them again but I really do appreciate the idea that I can reduce the effects.