LukeW wrote up his notes from An Event Apart and had a couple of nuggets that I really liked.

“In his Emotional Interface Design talk at An Event Apart in Seattle WA, Aarron Walter talked about focusing on more than usability in Web application design by outlining ways to make stronger connections to people and their emotional needs.”

“We are all just trying to make out Websites usable. Usable is the equivalent of edible (in the food industry).”

“Emotional usability –people will forgive shortcomings when the benefit outweighs the cost. If you can stack the deck in a positive direction, people will stick with you. People will forgive your shortcomings if you reward them with positive emotion.”

“People are not lazy, they are just looking for the path of least resistance. If people are not going down the path you want them to, you can try bribery.”

“When confronted with too many choices, our internal cost/benefit analysis fails. If you add something, you’re going to lose something.”

“Showing your humanity helps make a connection. Put yourself out there and people will respond.”