I worked with a small team of designers. The application was a large complicated enterprise app. Each team member would work on their design and review within the team of designers. Once we agreed we would review with the product managers. Once we all agreed, the product owner would sign off.

This would all go through the story completion, refinement, and development. The story would be accepted and totally integrated. But this would never hold back one of my team members.

Without a lick of new information about the product or users, he would see the implementation and change the design. It was the never ending story. Every design had no end and was forever open.

This was frustrating. Each change was a series of new conversations. All the previous decisions needed to be revisited. However, the new designs that needed to be done for the release were put on hold for this person’s pet interests.

Don’t let your designers or anyone else reopen the coded implementation unless the users cannot do what the need.