Understanding the Customer Experience in the Top 5 of 2020

Lisette takes us back through five of our favorite episodes of Digital Reimagined, to wrap up a year packed with crowd-sourced thought leadership.

At 1:03 we are introduced at number 2: Top 5 Episodes of 2020

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Digital Reimagined

Understanding the Customer Experience (feat. David Muhammad and Michael Pullen)

David and Michael talk about knowing who your customers and users are, and the importance of understanding the customer experience in your digital transformation.

Understanding the Customer Experience (feat. David Muhammad and Michael Pullen)


Lisette Diamant: 0:00
Welcome to Digital Reimagined, a podcast packed with insights from Apex Systems, a world class technology services leader working to reimagine value for our clients. We’ll bring you the voices of industry experts to showcase our proven solutions that span across digital innovation, modern enterprise and workforce mobilization. On today’s episode of Digital Reimagined, I have two guests here in the virtual recording studio to talk about the customer experience. Welcome, David Mohammad, Director of Digital Solutions at Apex Systems.

David Muhammad: 0:38
Hey Lisette, great to be here. Thanks for having me.

Lisette Diamant: 0:40
Of course. wonderful to have you. And Michael Pullen, Practice Director of Digital Business Transformations. Great to have you back.

Michael Pullen: 0:46
Thank you. Excited to be here.

Lisette Diamant: 0:48
Wonderful. To kick off with the topic. I’d love to just start with a simple question. How would you define the customer? David, can you kick us off?

David Muhammad: 0:57
How do I define the customer? So- the end user, whether it’s internal or external. Folks that are engaging with your various touch points and stay in your funnel. That’s the customer.

Lisette Diamant: 1:07
Touching on the difference between user and customer experience, where’s […]

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