Digital Froggers: Top 5 Must Do’s of Enterprise Innovation: Design Thinking (feat. Greg Ladas and Michael Pullen)

Michael and Greg talk through the topic of Design Thinking, a must-do for enterprises who are looking to innovate in their transformations:

 Top 5 Must Do’s of Enterprise Innovation: Design Thinking (feat. Greg Ladas and Michael Pullen)


Welcome to digital froggers, a podcast brought to you by LeapFrog Systems.

I am Lisette Diamant, LeapFrog Systems digital brand manager and I’ll be your host.

Today’s episode of Digital Frogress will take us into the first of five must haves for innovation at the enterprise level. Design Thinking is a crucial component of innovation. You’ll step away with a deeper understanding of this as well as actionable ways to implement Design Thinking strategies.

Joining me today in our remote podcast recording environment is Greg Ladas and Michael Pullen. Welcome to you both.


Hey Lisette. Hey Michael. Looking forward to this session.


Hello Lisette and Greg.

I think this is gonna be fun.


Awesome. So Greg is one of our leads here in the agile transformation work that we do and Michael is one of our digital business consultant leads who holds expertise and product design and Design Thinking approaches. So Michael leading us off here into the conversation how would you best define Design Thinking?


Design Thinking is an approach that a company named IDEO and the Stanford Business School (should be Stanford d-school) put together in order […]

Digital Froggers: Scaling Transformation (feat. Jodi Viniello, Michael Pullen, and Dan Bouchard)

Jodi Viniello, Chief Innovation and Transformation Officer at Embrace Home Loans, talks through her career journey and how it has enabled her to help scale transformations at a variety of different enterprises. She is also joined by Michael Pullen and Dan Bouchard, two of LeapFrog Systems’ own Froggers. 

Scaling Transformation (feat. Jodi Viniello, Michael Pullen, and Dan Bouchard)


Lisette :   0:01
Welcome to Digital Froggers, a podcast brought to you by LeapFrog Systems. I’m Lisette Diamant, LeapFrog Systems’ Digital Brand Manager, and I’ll be your host.  Today I’m really thrilled to bring into the podcast studio here at LeapFrog Systems, Jodi Viniello, and she is Chief Innovation and Transformation Officer over at Embrace Home Loans. She brings a wealth of transformational experience across different industries.  And she’ll be joining us with Michael Pullen, who is our Digital Transformation Lead at Leapfrog Systems alongside Dan Bouchard, one of our Agile Player/Coaches at another client engagement. So thrilled to have you all here in the room.

Dan:   0:43
Good to be here.

Jodi:   0:44
Thanks for having me.

Lisette :   0:44
Yes! So there’s transformations that are done at scale. There’s transformations that are done across different industries and maybe even versing the conversation more around an approach. So how do you get started in a transformation journey at a large company? And how do you get the evolution and the momentum to get started in a culture that sometimes doesn’t always embrace that?

Jodi:   1:09
So my three experiences with Agile Transformation have been completely different. To be honest, as to how I got started, one was on a burning platform where we had a large client opportunity to make $100 million which is a big incentive. The 2nd was more of given an opportunity by senior leader to say,” go try something” and see what happens – kind of […]