I was watching Sunday Night Football. The Browns were using all the tricks the Patriots used in the Superbowl. They even entered the half winning 6-3.

Then the half time ads come on trying to make a man out of all of us demanding that we drink beer, eat beef, and drive pickup trucks. One announcer with his deep booming voice makes it clear that his company’s truck is the most innovative. It had added yet another feature to the grab bag of features it already has. Yippee!

Hey Marketing, adding a feature to your product is not innovation. Even if you say it many times and repeat your ad, it still does not make it innovative. Maybe you are just trying to redefine the word innovative?

Adding a feature to your product is just evolving the feature set. You have been doing that since the beginning of pickup trucks. That is gradual and useful.

If you want to be innovative, you need a stepwise improvement that displaces something else in the product space. Typically that will need more than a product enhancement.

Perhaps with all the do-dads you put in the car, you could just monitor them all and fix them before they break so that there is no interruption in the use of my truck… Ever. That I would buy… and I don’t even drive a truck.