Guest post by Jacob Pullen.

Admithub is a startup company that makes software to help set up high school students with a university that matches their interests. To test out their newly made software they need students to help them improve and adjust what they do. What they do is ask questions and with the answers they come up with different universities that match that individual. Admithub users do not have to be any specific age, just as long as they have had some high school experience.


Their studies show that students were interested and took a long time when answering the questions on their website. They then made it possible for students to receive texts from a robot asking questions in a friendly way. Students were then compelled to send the survey because they could answer on their phones with short and easy answers, taking up little time.

The bot is a very cool feature and works very well for the most part. Many questions are very straightforward and ask about school, grades, extracurriculars and thoughts on colleges. When done with the survey it then links students to their website to check out college options. While operating from the website students are able save the colleges they like and skip over the ones they are uninterested in. It also shows all of the universities stats and how the students stats matchup. Admithub is a great and easy way for students to be matched up with universities they are currently working on adding new features to their robot.

My dad mentors at Techstars and talked with the guys at Admithub. […]

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Tools: Suggestion Funnel

Ideas and suggestions are cheap. Everyone seems to have a suggestion for what you should do next. Considering these ideas require your time and effort. Of course, the last idea deliverer wants their suggestion on the top of the list.

What should you do? Do you allow the squeakiest, most energetic, loudest or highest paid person to influence the list?

Here is a tool to help you understand as well as push some of the work back on the idea deliverer. Require that the deliverer go back and draw out the idea. It does not have to be perfect and fancy, but it needs to be clearly thought out. To insure this, ask for not one but 3 drawings. Require drawings of 3 different solutions to the problem they are putting forth.

draw show

Why 3? Once they have drawn it 3 times, they will have worked through many issues with their ideas. This will make it easier for you to gather the information you need to move forward. This will also deter those that are not willing to put in the effort to explore their idea.

When you meet, start by restating the problem being solved and the persona it impacts. Have the idea deliverer lay out the 3 designs. In each drawing they will have tried to solve an aspect of the problem different ways. To get a better understanding of the thought process behind the ideas, ask them to compare the three different solutions. Ask about what works and what does not for each choice that is made. At this point, you should understand enough to ask probing questions, determine the merits of the idea, and be able to judge where it belongs on […]

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