Boston Fintech Dec 2013 Demo Day

Boston Fintech Dec 2013 Demo Day

Ten companies from the Boston area came and demoed their products and talked about their companies to a crowd of about 50 people on a dark and messy New England evening.

We met in an interesting and awkward space on Summer Street just over the bridge from downtown Boston. The space had 2 large touchscreen displays with a U shaped couch and a very large coffee table. All of the spectators stood behind the couches looking over each other’s shoulders.

The mood was positive and everyone was very engaging with the companies presenting.

Ty Danco coordinated the event and kept us all moving along. Each presentation was 7 minutes long with a 7 minute question and answer period. There were 3 of us on the panel: Adam Broun, Kensho; Doug Nelson, Devonshire Investors; and Michael T Pullen, frictionless design.

Here is a brief description of the companies or their products in their words and a link to their site.

  1. Abine –  DoNotTrackMe 3.0 blocks companies from tracking your browsing and helps protect your personal info online. MaskMe keeps you private as you browse and shop the web, and creates and manages secure passwords. Masked Cards allow you to shop the web without ever giving away your real credit card number. Instead, create and use unique, disposable credit cards in the amount you specify. It’s like a pre-paid gift card that you can create on the fly as you shop.
  2. Bison – Bison delivers industry intelligence. Bison provides a powerful search function, relevant news coverage, and complete fundraising datasets for the private equity and venture […]
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Top 3 Technology Combinations for Interaction Design

Top 3 Technology Combinations for Interaction Design

As an interaction designer, I am fascinated by technologies that can be brought together to improve a person’s overall experience. In recent years there are several combinations of technologies that really seem to have potential to improve and simplify the way we interact in the world. Here are 3 technology combinations that interest me.

1) Activity Monitoring and Motivation tools

Nike’s Nike+ Fuelband, Nike+ Training,  Nike+ SportWatch GPS, and Nike+ Kinect Training

Keeping and improving your health is a challenge in this sedentary world. Helping people be healthier, helping them get better from sickness or surgery is difficult. As adults we develop all sorts of habits. Learning new things really is not our problem. Unlearning old behaviors is the issue.

Nike has created an interconnected environment loosely coupled together with Nike Fuel. Fuel is Nike’s way of determining the amount of movement you have done. Using Fuel, GPS information, training programs, phone apps and peer pressure they are exploring all sorts of ways to get individuals to exercise or move more.

With Nike+ Kinect Training they can create personalized training programs that monitor your performance, work on range of motion and provide on the spot feedback with avatars of Nike trainers. Using a game like environment with visuals, sounds and encouragement they look to have the Kinect immersive experience be your motivation.

By using the Nike+ Fuelband, Watch or Shoes in combination with the apps and website, Nike looks to provide motivation by monitoring your activity and providing useful displays and awards. Since the information is updated regularly, they also try to get you to pull in your network to create peer pressure to motivate.

I have several doctor friends that see a future with similar […]