1% Everyday – Fitts’ Law – Size matters for speed and accuracy

Here is a little task for you.

There are 2 pictures below.

For each picture, time yourself and move your pointer (cursor/finger/pen) from start here to stop here.

Do this 5 times for the first and write down your time.

(BTW don’t miss or you need to start again…)

Do this 5 times for the second and write down your time.

(don’t miss or you need to start again…)

What did you notice?

Is it easier, faster to hit the big target or the small one?

Simply put … Fitts’ law states that the average human speed to touch a target is dependent on the distance traveled and the size of the target.

Wisc online provides this video primer:

Consider the following:

  • When designing something for people to move their pointer (cursor/finger/pen) to a target, they will be more likely to hit the target if it is appropriately sized and spaced
  • If you are seeking speed and accuracy, move the target as close as possible to the person with a size that is easy to hit
  • When was the last time you designed something where accuracy or speed may influence the user’s experience?

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