1% Everyday – Concept mapping

Concept mapping is a technique to visualize complex relationships in a system.

In the design of products and systems, understanding the objects and their relationships in the domain assists in providing deeper meaning. – Universal Methods of Design by Martin and Hanington

Typically, a concept map is built top down with nouns as shapes and verbs as connecting lines.

By keeping focused on the problem area within the domain, connections will emerge that will provide a better understanding and more context to the design decisions made.

Watch this to see some examples:

Concept Maps: Design Research Methods (5:30 min)

Concept mapping can be used as input in domain modeling or class diagrams developers create at the intersection of the domain and technology they are implementing.

How to Concept Map in Miro (38s)

Consider the following:

  • When should we use concept maps in our work?
  • How can we use concept maps to accelerate our understanding of the clients domain?
  • How transferable is the concept map from one client to another in the same domain?
  • How does the concept map help us with creating designs?

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