19 02, 2021

Understanding the Customer Experience in the Top 5 of 2020

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Lisette takes us back through five of our favorite episodes of Digital Reimagined, to wrap up a year packed with crowd-sourced thought leadership.

At 1:03 we are introduced at number 2: Top 5 Episodes of 2020

19 02, 2021

Digital Reimagined

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Understanding the Customer Experience (feat. David Muhammad and Michael Pullen)

David and Michael talk about knowing who your customers and users are, and the importance of understanding the customer experience in your digital transformation.

Understanding the Customer Experience (feat. David Muhammad and Michael Pullen)


Lisette Diamant: 0:00
Welcome to Digital Reimagined, a podcast packed with insights from Apex Systems, a world class technology services leader working to reimagine value for our clients. We’ll bring you the voices of industry experts to showcase our proven solutions that span across digital innovation, modern enterprise and workforce mobilization. On today’s episode of Digital Reimagined, I have two guests here in the virtual recording studio to talk about the customer experience. Welcome, David Mohammad, Director of Digital Solutions at Apex Systems.

David Muhammad: 0:38
Hey Lisette, great to be here. Thanks for having me.

Lisette Diamant: 0:40
Of course. wonderful to have you. And Michael Pullen, Practice Director of Digital Business Transformations. Great to have you back.

Michael Pullen: 0:46
Thank you. Excited to be here.

Lisette Diamant: 0:48
Wonderful. To kick off with the topic. I’d love to just start with a simple question. How would you define the customer? David, can you kick us off?

David Muhammad: 0:57
How do I define the customer? So- the end user, whether it’s internal or external. Folks that are engaging with your various touch points and stay in your funnel. That’s the customer.

Lisette Diamant: 1:07
Touching on the difference between user and customer experience, where’s […]

10 08, 2020

Digital Froggers
Highlights from LeapFrog Systems: Strategy and Delivery Practices

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Listen to the story about doing it the client way: Highlights from LeapFrog Systems: Strategy and Delivery Practices

Selections from our Frogger Friday calls centered on our strategy and delivery practices, and kicking off our next series diving deeper into these topics. 

Lisette Diamant : 0:01
Welcome to Digital Froggers, a podcast brought to you by LeapFrog Systems. I’m Lisette Diamant, LeapFrog Systems’ Digital Brand Manager, and I’ll be your host. Today starts a new segment for a series on showcasing our strategy and delivery practices at the firm. We will be taking you through Frogger spotlights from our very best on the convergence of how interconnected our work is for Digital Business Transformation. To start us off, one of our leaders in enterprise transformation, Greg Ladas, will be taking us through our model and process that we go through to engage our enterprise customers.

Greg Ladas : 0:39
We want to start with defining the core executive action team and transformation core team that we’re going to work with. And that’s kind of job one, is to make sure that we have, with our customers, the ability to execute on a backlog. We talked a lot about the backlog, being boss. But the backlog is only boss if there’s a team that’s associated with delivering to that backlog. We’ve gotten effective at working with executives, to help get them engaged, to break down those walls for their teams.

Lisette Diamant : 1:16
Great insights from Greg, on getting set up with success with our partners. Furthering this discussion, Michael Pullen, on how we approach the work […]

10 08, 2020

Digital Froggers
Top 5 Must Do’s of Enterprise Innovation: Prototyping

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Listen in to the discussion about prototyping:
Top 5 Must Do’s of Enterprise Innovation: Prototyping (feat. Greg Ladas and Michael Pullen)


Lisette Diamant : 0:01

Welcome to Digital Froggers, a podcast brought to you by LeapFrog Systems. I’m Lisette Diamant, LeapFrog Systems’ Digital Brand Manager, and I’ll be your host. On today’s episode of Digital Froggers, we build on a continuation of the five must haves for innovation at the enterprise level. Last week’s episode centered on a conversation around Design Thinking, and we’re building further as we head into today’s episode on prototyping. Thrilled to have Greg Ladas and Michael Pullen back in our virtual recording studio environment today. Thank you both so much for being here.Greg Ladas : 0:38

Great to be here again.Michael Pullen : 0:39

Thank you very much Lisette.Lisette Diamant : 0:41

And again, if you’re unfamiliar with these two voices from last week’s episode, Greg is one of our leads in the Agile transformation space, Michael is one of our digital business consultants who holds expertise in product design and design thinking approaches. So without further ado, Michael, I’d love for you to start us into this conversation on prototyping. I think that word can mean a lot in the work that we do. But specifically driving and honing that into the design thinking framework would be most helpful.Michael Pullen : 1:09

Well, as we talked about last week, with design thinking, you start off with observing your customers and taking some time to expand your knowledge about how they work and empathizing with […]

12 07, 2020

Digital Froggers: Top 5 Must Do’s of Enterprise Innovation: Design Thinking (feat. Greg Ladas and Michael Pullen)

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Michael and Greg talk through the topic of Design Thinking, a must-do for enterprises who are looking to innovate in their transformations:

 Top 5 Must Do’s of Enterprise Innovation: Design Thinking (feat. Greg Ladas and Michael Pullen)


Welcome to digital froggers, a podcast brought to you by LeapFrog Systems.

I am Lisette Diamant, LeapFrog Systems digital brand manager and I’ll be your host.

Today’s episode of Digital Frogress will take us into the first of five must haves for innovation at the enterprise level. Design Thinking is a crucial component of innovation. You’ll step away with a deeper understanding of this as well as actionable ways to implement Design Thinking strategies.

Joining me today in our remote podcast recording environment is Greg Ladas and Michael Pullen. Welcome to you both.


Hey Lisette. Hey Michael. Looking forward to this session.


Hello Lisette and Greg.

I think this is gonna be fun.


Awesome. So Greg is one of our leads here in the agile transformation work that we do and Michael is one of our digital business consultant leads who holds expertise and product design and Design Thinking approaches. So Michael leading us off here into the conversation how would you best define Design Thinking?


Design Thinking is an approach that a company named IDEO and the Stanford Business School (should be Stanford d-school) put together in order […]

12 07, 2020

Digital Froggers: Scaling Transformation (feat. Jodi Viniello, Michael Pullen, and Dan Bouchard)

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Jodi Viniello, Chief Innovation and Transformation Officer at Embrace Home Loans, talks through her career journey and how it has enabled her to help scale transformations at a variety of different enterprises. She is also joined by Michael Pullen and Dan Bouchard, two of LeapFrog Systems’ own Froggers. 

Scaling Transformation (feat. Jodi Viniello, Michael Pullen, and Dan Bouchard)


Lisette :   0:01
Welcome to Digital Froggers, a podcast brought to you by LeapFrog Systems. I’m Lisette Diamant, LeapFrog Systems’ Digital Brand Manager, and I’ll be your host.  Today I’m really thrilled to bring into the podcast studio here at LeapFrog Systems, Jodi Viniello, and she is Chief Innovation and Transformation Officer over at Embrace Home Loans. She brings a wealth of transformational experience across different industries.  And she’ll be joining us with Michael Pullen, who is our Digital Transformation Lead at Leapfrog Systems alongside Dan Bouchard, one of our Agile Player/Coaches at another client engagement. So thrilled to have you all here in the room.

Dan:   0:43
Good to be here.

Jodi:   0:44
Thanks for having me.

Lisette :   0:44
Yes! So there’s transformations that are done at scale. There’s transformations that are done across different industries and maybe even versing the conversation more around an approach. So how do you get started in a transformation journey at a large company? And how do you get the evolution and the momentum to get started in a culture that sometimes doesn’t always embrace that?

Jodi:   1:09
So my three experiences with Agile Transformation have been completely different. To be honest, as to how I got started, one was on a burning platform where we had a large client opportunity to make $100 million which is a big incentive. The 2nd was more of given an opportunity by senior leader to say,” go try something” and see what happens – kind of […]

22 09, 2019

Hey Marketing, adding a feature to your product is not innovation

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I was watching Sunday Night Football. The Browns were using all the tricks the Patriots used in the Superbowl. They even entered the half winning 6-3.

Then the half time ads come on trying to make a man out of all of us demanding that we drink beer, eat beef, and drive pickup trucks. One announcer with his deep booming voice makes it clear that his company’s truck is the most innovative. It had added yet another feature to the grab bag of features it already has. Yippee!

Hey Marketing, adding a feature to your product is not innovation. Even if you say it many times and repeat your ad, it still does not make it innovative. Maybe you are just trying to redefine the word innovative?

Adding a feature to your product is just evolving the feature set. You have been doing that since the beginning of pickup trucks. That is gradual and useful.

If you want to be innovative, you need a stepwise improvement that displaces something else in the product space. Typically that will need more than a product enhancement.

Perhaps with all the do-dads you put in the car, you could just monitor them all and fix them before they break so that there is no interruption in the use of my truck… Ever. That I would buy… and I don’t even drive a truck.

27 08, 2019

Always open design is a great way to never ship

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I worked with a small team of designers. The application was a large complicated enterprise app. Each team member would work on their design and review within the team of designers. Once we agreed we would review with the product managers. Once we all agreed, the product owner would sign off.

This would all go through the story completion, refinement, and development. The story would be accepted and totally integrated. But this would never hold back one of my team members.

Without a lick of new information about the product or users, he would see the implementation and change the design. It was the never ending story. Every design had no end and was forever open.

This was frustrating. Each change was a series of new conversations. All the previous decisions needed to be revisited. However, the new designs that needed to be done for the release were put on hold for this person’s pet interests.

Don’t let your designers or anyone else reopen the coded implementation unless the users cannot do what the need.

25 08, 2019

Get rid of meetings

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Seems like a stupid idea to me. You run bad meetings so just get rid of them? So if you should be working together… Don’t. Just go back to your computer and email everyone because…uh… That’s more efficient? Or, well maybe, just keep it to six people because six people suffering through a bad meeting is better than seven.

2 07, 2019

3 Design thinking metrics

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Design thinking is the structured, linear process IDEO and the Stanford d-school created to help business people create better solutions than sitting in a bar and writing on the back of a napkin.

If you have teams following this process consider these 3 metrics to ensure your organization is measuring the change in behavior:

  1. Frequency of new customer insights being added to the team understanding
  2. The balance of team composition during solution exploration and ideation: .34 domain, .33 operations, and .33 outside blood
  3. Time to testing prototypes with potential users

So if you know your customer well, have the proper mix of people, and test your ideas as soon as possible you will create better solutions and find out if they work for your customers sooner rather than later.