“Michael has worked for me in several roles. He has an excellent ability to listen to ideas and to translate them into workable design visions. He is able to negotiate between executives, customers and employees to arrive at an optimal solution. He has done this for our marketing, proposal and product development efforts. His expertise in user experience design and ability to work with people drew my attention to him and keeps him in my circle of go-to problem solvers. He makes everything better.” 
Ty Danco, CEO, Co-founder at BuysideFX
“Michael worked with us for several months during the early phase of our UI project, managing an agile design process with a couple of web developers, a couple of QA people, a technical writer and the product manager. As the product manager, I found Michael easy to work with, and he constantly challenged me to consider interesting design alternatives that would simplify the user experience and create a unique brand experience. Michael brought fresh new ideas, great energy and focus to the project. I strongly endorse his skills. We plan to engage Michael on an as-needed basis as we respond to customer feedback from our beta test phase.”
Peter Quirk, Director of Product Management at Sepaton Inc.
“Michael worked as a design advisor to LinkCycle during the TechStars program. When it comes to the user experience of a software interface, Michael knows how to approach it directly from the perspective of the customer and ask the right questions. He helped us to focus on simplifying complexity, and focus on the most relevant set of features, which ultimately allowed us to communicate the value of our interface to our customers much more effectively. He went above and beyond expectations, and he was a pleasure to work with. Thank you Michael!”
Alex Loijos, Co-Founder/CEO of LinkCycle
“I had the pleasure of working with Michael while designing a mobile web experience for iPad. He was very knowledgeable and always had great ideas. But he impressed me most with his ability to understand people and what could realistically be accomplished while challenging the organization to move toward a much improved user experience.”
Jeff Ladino, Mobile Software Engineer / Architect at Charles River Development
“Michael worked for me as a senior UX designer at ITG. I was incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with him. He taught us all a great deal about the practice of user experience design. When it comes to design Michael has an exceptional way with creating elegant user interface frameworks out of highly complex and gnarly information networks. Nearly every day I am reminded of his skill as we continue to extend these frameworks so easily. I would consider Michael to be a very valuable team member or leader for any project.”
Karen Graham, VP User Experience at ITG
“I have had the pleasure of working with Michael at two companies: Kronos and Application Security. Michael is unparalleled in his ability to turn data into meaningful, easy to understand visualizations. In addition, he is gifted at designing user interfaces that exceed the expectations of users and buyers. I would jump at the opportunity to work with Michael again.”
Mat Benati, Director of Product Management at Appsecinc