Software Product Companies
  • BuysideFX – FX Trading
  • CRD – Unified Managed Accounts, Wealth Financial Advisors, Block, List and Hedge Trading and Order Management, Portfolio Management
  • ITG – Block, List and Hedge Trading and Order Management
  • Appsecinc – Database Security
  • Kronos – HR, Payroll, Scheduling, Timekeeping
  • Gomez – Online Comparative Research, Customer Experience Data, Health Microsite
  • Symmetrix/ Nextera Enterprises – Health Insurance, Home Health Delivery
  • Charles River Analytics – Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Consulting Projects
  • Text Analysis
  • FX, Equities, and Fixed Income Trading, Portfolio Management, Wealth Management
  • Secondary Education and Assessments
  • Database Security, Data Storage, File Storage, Managed Cloud Infrastructure
  • HR, Payroll, Employee Scheduling and Timekeeping
  • Online Discount Brokerages, Banks, Insurance and E-commerce
  • Health Insurance (Benefit Products)
  • Home Health Care Delivery