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As a Mentor at startup accelerator Techstars (Boston) I get to meet and work with the some great startup companies. While many are exploring cutting edge technologies, others offer interesting creative products. This past spring, the Internet of Things (IoT) caught my eye. Imagine “smart” hotels, where the front desk can manage everything from air conditioners to water, via internet communications. is a company providing a device that allows the product engineers of such equipment to make them “internet aware” in minutes to harness cloud communication and control them remotely. Onion’s technology generates apps and admin tools to manage the collection of information and communication with the equipment.

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Frictionless Meetups: Litographs

As a Mentor at Boston startup accelerator Techstars, I have the opportunity to meet and work with the some great startup companies. While many are exploring cutting edge technologies, others offer interesting creative products. One company I found intriguing and fun is Litographs. Litographsconverts the text of books to shirts, totebags and posters. Do you have a favorite book such as “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” “War and Peace,” or “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”? Litographs hires designers to read the book, come up with a design that represents the book, and take the entire text of the book and print it out in the theme of the design. What a great way to promote pride in literacy and great literature!

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

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Boston Fintech Dec 2013 Demo Day

Boston Fintech Dec 2013 Demo Day

Ten companies from the Boston area came and demoed their products and talked about their companies to a crowd of about 50 people on a dark and messy New England evening.

We met in an interesting and awkward space on Summer Street just over the bridge from downtown Boston. The space had 2 large touchscreen displays with a U shaped couch and a very large coffee table. All of the spectators stood behind the couches looking over each other’s shoulders.

The mood was positive and everyone was very engaging with the companies presenting.

Ty Danco coordinated the event and kept us all moving along. Each presentation was 7 minutes long with a 7 minute question and answer period. There were 3 of us on the panel: Adam Broun, Kensho; Doug Nelson, Devonshire Investors; and Michael T Pullen, frictionless design.

Here is a brief description of the companies or their products in their words and a link to their site.

  1. Abine –  DoNotTrackMe 3.0 blocks companies from tracking your browsing and helps protect your personal info online. MaskMe keeps you private as you browse and shop the web, and creates and manages secure passwords. Masked Cards allow you to shop the web without ever giving away your real credit card number. Instead, create and use unique, disposable credit cards in the amount you specify. It’s like a pre-paid gift card that you can create on the fly as you shop.
  2. Bison – Bison delivers industry intelligence. Bison provides a powerful search function, relevant news coverage, and complete fundraising datasets for the private equity and venture […]
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Configuration Apps

Does anybody know of a company that is building configuration apps for other companies? Are there configuration app products?

If I have the expertise in building applications for the enterprise, why should I waste my time and money on the non-value add of configuration apps? This especially true if someone can do it better that me.

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